Walking your Path

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"Cracking the Code..."

"Once upon a time..."
Ancient stories like folktales and fairytales are part of an oral heritage within every culture. Most of the oral heritage was written down in the 19th century and translated in many different languages. So by now we can all read them ourselves. But .... when you only read the stories as a language of facts (intellect) you leave out the language of metaphors and images. Because hidden in the stories is a secret message that holds the Truth about who we are, where we come from and where we are going to !
This empowering message is available for everyone who is able to listen with their heart...
When we are able to do that, we ourselves will find the 'pot of gold'. After all, Life is a journey of remembering...
In this class we are going to discover and unravel the deeper layers in ancient stories, poetry, music and also in the game of the Goose!

This class is also offered as a workshop. Depending on the request limited sessions can be sceduled too.
Location:  at Joyhal at the Community Church of New Thought in Mesa, but again on request: anywhere else.