Walking your Path

Spiritual Compass Sessions

During our walk on life's journey we can experience                                
heavy turmoil and upset like when you are confronted
with a cancer diagnosis that turns your whole world
upside down. You then enter a world where there seem
to be different rules and professionas seem to be speaking
a different language... It's like traveling into a totally
different and unknown country!
Similar situations arise in other life avalanche moments
like an accident, chronic illnesses, relation disorders, 
workplace problems, the loss of your job, the end of 
your marriage, the loss of a loved one etc..

In the sessions of the "Spiritual Compass" we stay
focussed on the Truth that you are always guided and
cared for. We will focus on our "Spiritual Compass"
where the needle is always pointing to our highest

Together we will affirm that 
"We are created in the image and likeness of 
God and that we have the power to manifest all 
good now!"

We can express our fears and worries but we stay focused 
on our 'Spiritual Compass" by proclaiming that
"the Light of God  surrounds us;
the Love of God enfolds us;
the Power of God protects us; and
the Presence of God watches over us;
wherever we are, God IS!"....

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