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Walking your Path

Walking your path through life ...
We're all on a journey! 
Everybody is on his or her own path through life. 

Sometimes we are having fun and enjoying the walk. Everything goes easy and the sun shines all the time it seems...

But sometimes we find ourselves in troublesome episodes with challenges and hurdles on the way. Sometimes we even feel lost! And we wonder what is happening. 
Situations like this can occur when you suddenly are confronted with illnesses, problems at work, relationship problems, accidents and even death. 
We can feel very lonely and confused and maybe angry too. It look's like we're in this spot in our lives all by ourselves... 

But situations like this are universal. 
And because we're here to learn our Life Lessons and grow from it, life will bring us challenges and hurdles. 
Ancient stories, folktales, fairytales, legends, poems, music will tell us it is part of our spiritual growing process. 
And then we'll remember: 
LIFE IS A JOURNEY OF REMEMBERING ... You'll find out more on the next pages...